Shocking U.S. Oil Discovery: “Renewable Oil” is Now a Reality

One Under-the-Radar Company’s Proprietary Technology Means Up to 20 Million Barrels of Production Annually…Without Drilling a Single Well!

Early investors could make a killing on this pre-IPO opportunity

It’s one of the most remarkable oil discoveries of our lifetime. One little-known company could soon be producing 20 million barrels of oil each year – right here in the United States – from a most unlikely source. This company’s astonishing oil discovery is so unique that it doesn’t require drilling a single oil well. And it’s so environmentally friendly that municipalities are willing to PAY to cover a portion of this company’s production process.

Instead of drilling into the earth for oil, this company – Sky Quarry Inc. – is poised to use its patent protected extraction process to turn asphalt shingle waste into oil. That waste is the nearly 12 million tons of asphalt shingles dumped in North American landfills every year.

Sky Quarry is not only solving the massive waste problem caused by over 12 million tons of asphalt shingles being tossed into landfills each year, it’s also using the materials in the shingles to produce oil here in the U.S.

Now here’s the best part:

Not only does Sky Quarry help solve this massive waste problem, the company recycles those discarded waste tiles to produce oil, asphalt, ceramic granules, and other materials. This waste could in turn produce up to 20 million barrels a year — with a value of $1.4 billion at today’s oil prices. You see, those waste shingles are made up of 25% asphalt bitumen oil. Sky Quarry’s patent protected technology efficiently and effectively extracts up to 95% of the oil and other materials from those shingles. And the company can do it year after year, creating the first “renewable oil” production in North America. Better yet, as you’ll see in a moment, now you can get in on the ground floor of this U.S.-based, clean energy profit opportunity.

This type of opportunity – to invest in the early stages before a company’s IPO – was previously available mostly to Wall Street’s largest and most well-connected investors. But thanks to the JOBS Act, early investing opportunities have been carved out for the average investor, including this one, which comes in the form of an exclusive offering that could be like buying dollar bills for just 25 cents. In fact, those individual investors who decide to come along for the ride with Sky Quarry will have some impressive company, as JP Morgan currently owns 20% of the company.


I’ll tell you more about how you can get in on this unique pre-IPO opportunity in just a moment. But first Here are five reasons why Sky Quarry offers investors the potential for outsized returns in the next 12 months.

Reason #1: An Amazing Business Model: Sky Quarry is Turning Waste into “Black Gold”

Sky Quarry’s forward-thinking business model – and proprietary technology – make it potentially one of the most profitable energy investments you’ll ever see. The company recently purchased a facility in Utah – originally built to extract oil from oil sands – that it intends to use for the recycling of asphalt shingles and producing oil. It’s a truly amazing idea – generating “renewable oil” right here in the United States.

Here’s a brief look at what Sky Quarry’s process is all about:


Bitumen Oil

Asphalt shingles are made up of 25% asphalt bitumen oil…and 12 million tons of recyclable asphalt shingle waste gets dumped in North American landfills each year.


The waste stream from these shingles – which take 300 years to biodegrade in landfills – is the equivalent of dumping 20 million barrels of oil into landfills every year.


Materials Recovered

Sky Quarry’s proprietary technology is designed to save these discarded shingles from the scrap heap…and extract the valuable oil, granules, and other material.

This amount of waste has the potential to extract up to 20 million barrels of oil annually. and tapping even a small percentage of that is enough to generate significant revenue for Sky Quarry — who, in this case, is a first mover into this massive oil source that 1) renews itself each year, and 2) never runs dry.  But it’s the economics of this company’s operations that make its story even better. That’s because Sky Quarry receives a “tipping fee” of $15 to $60 per ton from waste haulers when accepting waste asphalt shingles.

The revenues from these tipping fees cover virtually all of the cost involved in processing the shingles and extracting the elements that can then be re-sold. (I’ll tell you more about each of these elements in just a moment.)

This means that virtually all of the revenue from Sky Quarry’s recovered oil goes directly to the company’s bottom line — perhaps as much as $1.2 billion per year.

The bottom line for Sky Quarry is that it already appears poised for significant growth thanks to a number of potentially lucrative products.

Reason #2: More than “Just” Oil: Sky Quarry Enjoys Diversified Revenue Streams from Multiple Products

Recovering oil is not the only thing that Sky Quarry is able to do with asphalt waste shingles. The company has a number of potentially significant diversified revenue streams thanks to the full line of products it can produce from waste asphalt shingles.

These products include:


Asphalt tack coat

for use in the paving industry to help bind together layers of asphalt


Asphalt granules

for re-use by shingle manufacturers in production of new shingles


Limestone powder

for use by shingle and carpet manufacturers


Environmentally sourced heavy oil

used primarily for road asphalt mixes or can be sold to local refineries


Reclaimed bitumen

for re-use by shingle manufacturers in production of new shingles


Asphalt road product

for use in building and repairing roadways

The layered components of an asphalt shingle, shown above, can be turned into a number of potential products thanks to Sky Quarry’s proprietary technology.

Development of these products – as well as research and development of potential new recycled shingle products – is now underway at Sky Quarry’s Utah facility. Each of Sky Quarry’s products represents a diversified revenue stream for the company as well as significant flexibility. That’s because Sky Quarry has the ability to switch between the products it manufactures based on weather, seasonality or simply the product(s) generating the highest margin at any given time. In addition, the company won’t be dependent on any commodity supply chain – and can sell its oil into price spikes to generate maximum potential revenue, while shifting to production of other products when oil prices drop.

Reason #3: This Company is On the Fast Track to Profitability

Unlike many early stage energy investments available today, early investors in Sky Quarry likely won’t have to wait years for the company to begin generating revenue. In fact, Sky Quarry enjoys a path to ongoing revenue generation that is much shorter than it is for a typical energy exploration company. Instead of drilling to find an underground resource, the resources are literally trucked directly to the company. That means a potential stream of source materials for the production of up to 20 million barrels of oil per year as well as the company’s additional product lines.

Sky Quarry – unlike a junior exploration company burning through cash in the hopes of finding and producing a resource at a reasonable cost – is merely plugging its patent-protected solution into a waste stream that already exists. 

Sky Quarry is already generating revenue, and projections call for impressive annual growth over the next four years with the company expected to hit $85 million in revenue in FY 2026.

And Sky Quarry’s facility allows for potentially rapid scalability with projections calling for $10 million in gross revenue – and an operating margin of 42.0% — in fiscal year 2022.

And Sky Quarry’s revenue is projected to achieve a compound annual growth rate of 53.63% through FY 2026 when the company is expected to post revenue of nearly $86 million.

Reason #4: Sky Quarry Enjoys a Potentially Massive Infrastructure Tailwind

One of the most dominant news stories of the past few months has been the congressional battle over a bill to help improve America’s crumbling infrastructure. And while this issue has been the subject of lengthy debate in Washington, as an investor it’s important to keep one thing in mind:

Republicans and Democrats don’t disagree that there needs to be a massive investment in infrastructure…

They disagree on the amount of money that should be spent and where. But make no mistake – there’s will be a massive push over the next several years to improve and rebuild our infrastructure. No matter which party prevails, at minimum $600 billion worth of infrastructure spending is on the way. And thanks to its potential production of oil, asphalt and other products, Sky Quarry is perfectly positioned – on a number of fronts – to take advantage of this push.

While President Biden and Senator McConnell spar over the final size of the U.S. infrastructure spending package, Sky Quarry is well positioned for significant growth thanks to the renewed focus on rebuilding America’s roads


43% of public roads in the U.S. are in poor or mediocre condition, creating a massive need for asphalt and paving.


Delays caused by traffic congestion alone cost over $160 billion per year, and motorists are forced to pay over $1,000 every year in wasted time and fuel.


President Biden’s proposed infrastructure plan includes $25 billion for upgrading airports...$115 billion for modernizing bridges, highways and roads in need of repair...and $20 billion to improve road safety.


According to the American Society of Civil Engineers, the U.S. now has a $786 billion backlog of road and bridge capital needs.

What we have right now in the United States is a rare opportunity to take advantage of a potentially significant tailwind of spending and focus that is powered by both political parties. Republicans and Democrats alike insist that rebuilding our nation’s bridges and highways will be a top priority over the next several years and the White House is emphasizing green energy solutions in particular. That all spells good news for Sky Quarry.

A Green Solution to a Major Environmental Problem… and it Comes from the Private Sector

Each year, more than 12 million tons of roofing materials are dumped into landfills. If you were put 12 million tons of roofing materials – just one-years’ worth of waste at our current rates – into dump trucks… The line of dump trucks would reach from New York to Los Angeles…and then all the way back to Chicago.

12 million tons of recyclable asphalt shingles head to landfills each year – enough to fill a line of dump trucks that would stretch from New York to L.A. – and then back to Chicago.

Now along comes Sky Quarry: a forward-thinking company that has developed a unique solution to this massive environmental problem. With most clean-tech companies, it can be years before the company actually begins to make money. But in the case of Sky Quarry, we have that rare clean-tech deal that can begin producing revenue virtually from the very first day of operation.

And rather than rely on government grants or subsidies to help execute the company’s vision. Sky Quarry brings a business-first, bottom-line perspective that should be attractive to all investors, not just those looking for eco-friendly investments.

Reason #5: Sky Quarry’s Leadership Team Has a History of Delivering Shareholder Value

One of the most important things to consider when evaluating a company is the track record of that company’s leadership team.

In the case of Sky Quarry, CEO David Sealock has an accomplished track record of delivering value to shareholders. And those investors who decide to come along for the ride with Sky Quarry will have some impressive company, as JP Morgan currently owns 20% of the company.

In addition, Sky Quarry is in discussions with major shingle manufacturers regarding potential joint ventures. Here’s a little bit more about the company’s outstanding management team.

David Sealock

David Sealock

Chairman, Founder, CEO

Mr. David Sealock is a highly accomplished, results-driven senior executive leader with over 30 years of strategic management and business leadership.

He has executed over $1.2Bn in equity and debt transactions, joint ventures and M&A deals and as a strategic team member, has a successful track record of delivering returns to shareholders, including:

  • Sunshine Oilsands – as part of the executive team raised $70 million to acquire assets; completed HKE $600 million IPO – led by Bank of China and Morgan Stanley; raised capital at $1 to $3 and IPO was for $9.68 in 2012; Shareholder Return 300%.
  • MegaWest Energy – as part of the executive team, raised $30 million – moved stock from $0.35 to $1.10. 300% return.
  • Deer Creek Energy – as part of the management team, raised funds of ~250 million to acquire assets, Issued shares at between $1 and $3 and completed an IPO at $9.68. Sold to Total E&P for $31/share a year after IPO. Shareholder returns up to 3000% 
  • Petrovera Resources – as part of the management team Shareholder Return 250% Raised the company’s net present value from 350mm to 800mm over 4 years.
  • Served as CEO of Petroteq Energy, President of Autus Ventures, Vice President Technology – Petroleum Technology Alliance Canada, President & COO of Sulvaris, President & CEO of Sunshine Oilsands, EVP MegaWest Energy, & senior management positions with Deer Creek Energy, CNRL, Petrovera Resources, Total and Chevron.
Marcus Laun

Marcus Laun

Founder, Director and EVP

Marcus Laun has spent the past twenty years as a founding principal or senior advisor to over fifteen publicly and privately held companies.

His experience includes advising and investing Nurture Inc., an organic baby food company which eventually sold to Group Danone for $250mm. Laun is also the founder and CEO of and Geopulse Exploration Inc., a media company specializing in the production and distribution of short films for corporate clients.

He has also advised and raised capital for companies in the solar, wind, oil and gas and alternative fuel industries.

Laun founded the investment banking division of Knight Capital Group (the largest market-maker of equities in the US) where he managed syndicates for over $300 million in financing.

Here’s the bottom line…

Sky Quarry is one of the most unique energy investments you’ll ever come across.

With a patent-protected technology for turning waste asphalt shingles into oil…asphalt…and other valuable materials – the company offers high upside in the energy technology space. But the company is unlike other clean energy investments, as it not dependent on government grants or subsidies for profitability.


Instead, Sky Quarry is already generating revenue and is on a fast track to profitability.

With a massive infrastructure spending tailwind behind the company, Sky Quarry appears to be well positioned for sustained growth in the months and years ahead. And the company is led by a CEO – David Sealock – with an accomplished track record of delivering significant value to shareholders.

Now you have an early stage opportunity to invest in this company and go along for the ride as it helps solve the waste problem created by the 12 million tons of recyclable asphalt shingle waste dumped in landfills each year…

And turns that waste into “renewable oil” – as well as other products – right here in the United States. You have this early stage opportunity because Sky Quarry has carved out a small opportunity for individual investors to stake their claim before the company’s IPO.

But there are only a limited number of shares available to retail investors as part of this offering.

So it’s critical that you move quickly if you want to take advantage of this unique pre-IPO opportunity.

Security Type

Units comprised of 1 share of common stock and 1 Warrant to purchase an additional share at $2.50 for 3 years.

Purchase Price

Each unit of Sky Quarry costs $1.25

Minimum Investment


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